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eLibrary Canada and CE Newsletter: Updates, Lesson Plans, and Activities for eLibrary Canada and CE Users

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2010: New Features

Happy New Year, from your friends at eLibrary Canada! First, get your new title lists here. Then take note of our latest 2010 enhancements to your subscription, including:

Personal Tagging: Tagging lets you organize the content in eLibrary however you want to. The uses for tagging are as endless as the ways people think about and use online information for teaching and learning.

Debating the death penalty? Tag it! Building a collection of new music reviews? Tag it! All tags are saved and accessed through your unique My eLibrary account.

Editable MLA 7 and APA Citations: Cite everything in eLibrary with confidence and ease. eLibrary's powerful citation generator now creates citations according to the very latest MLA and APA specifications.

Search Updates: Lastly, you'll notice some new hyperlinks on the Basic Search page.

We've added links to both Advanced Search and Popular Searches next to the Basic Search box. Now you can easily search eLibrary any way you wish, quickly and easily.

What's new at eLibrary Canada & CE?

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  School Lesson Plans & Activities
Canada's Continuing Role in Afghanistan

In his recent speech to officer candidates at West Point, U.S. President Barack Obama outlined a new strategy for U.S. forces that included a military surge, a focus on improving civilian institutions and diplomatic pressure on Pakistan. To implement his plan, the U.S. is sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. This will help support the Canadian troops who are presently responsible for breaking an insurgency that has engulfed the country's southern regions, and especially in Kandahar city where the troops are stationed.

Though President Obama didn't specifically mention Kandahar, in his speech where most of Canada's 2,850 troops are based, officials say the bulk of the American reinforcements will be posted to southern Afghanistan.

In an effort to regain the initiative in Kandahar, NATO commanders are putting Canada's military command in charge of the tactically vital Arghandab district north of Kandahar city.

As a result, two full battalions of troops already in the country—one American, the other Afghan—came under the control of Brig. Gen. Dan Menard, the commander of the Canadian contingent known as Task Force Kandahar, in the new year. "The Americans have paid us an enormous compliment," Defence Minister Peter MacKay said of Canada's added responsibilities. "They trust us. They appreciate our expertise."

ProQuest has created a BookCart learning activity to help teachers provide students with a one-stop collection of resources to learn more about Canada's continuing role in Afghanistan: "Canadian Role in Afghanistan." Get your copy today.

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  Librarian & Teacher Tip
Differentiated Teaching and Learning Support

A major priority and buzz word in education is differentiated instruction.

Ongoing scientific research on learning demonstrates that students achieve at higher levels when teachers and students have daily access to these elements of differentiated instruction:
  • Quick and easy access to a wide variety of relevant learning resources and media types for both historic and current topics that students can read, view, and understand (lexiles).

  • Learning assignment formats that focus on topics/issues that are relevant to students' lives and interests.

  • Tools that help student organize, analyze, and synthesize information quickly for problem solving and critical thinking.

  • A variety of models, strategies, and assessments that students can use to demonstrate what they have learned to a variety of audiences.
Differentiated instruction is not new. The best example of its effective utilization in traditional education is tutoring. Unfortunately, this is not replicable in classroom teaching. Despite the difficulty, many effective classroom teachers have tried to implement the strategies of differentiated learning with their students.

The good news for teachers today is that educational technology makes it possible to implement differentiated instruction with little of the effort needed in the past.

Read more (or watch our new video) about using eLibrary to differentiate instruction in your school.

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  Developing Critical Thinking | iTHINK Skills Tutor
Free ProQuest Tool

I think you need help with your research. I'm here... Click. Which statement most strongly supports your opinion?

Which is the better source for obtaining relevant background information?

Which statement shows bias?

Teaching the critical thinking skills necessary to answer these questions is a challenge to educators. Applying critical thinking skills to the research process is a challenge to students. As they research, students must be able to identify, analyze and evaluate information. They must be able to create and support their own arguments.

To address these challenges, ProQuest offers the iTHINK Skills Tutor. This motivating, interactive tutorial supports 21st Century standards through direct instruction, assessment, and customized feedback aimed at developing critical thinking skills.

Students are engaged as they learn to select a research focus, separate fact and opinion, analyze, evaluate and interpret evidence, and draw conclusions. Students are encouraged to reflect critically on their own learning experiences and processes throughout the tutorial.

All SIRS Knowledge Source titles offer access to the iTHINK Skills Tutor

Prepare students for critical thinking success with iTHINK Skills Tutor located in Educator's Resources and Research Guides in every SIRS Leading Issue. You'll also find it on our K-12 support website, open to all users.

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  Free Online Training Opportunities
Our ProQuest product trainers are standing by to help you get the most out of your subscription. Tap into this month's free training schedules (by class or date) then register for a course. (Get dates via email: sign up here.)

The new ProQuest K-12 catalog is now available...
          The new ProQuest K-12 catalog is available...
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  Enroll & Save: Vendor of Choice Program
At ProQuest, we know that many of our customers are facing budget cuts (ProQuest CEO message). With each passing month, it's becoming more difficult to afford all of the online research resources you would like to provide to your students.

In response, we've put a program in place to help you during these hard times. ProQuest's new Vendor of Choice program has already helped schools just like yours save thousands of dollars. Find out more and enroll today.

eLibrary Story:
Save Time, Better Currency
"After one full year of using eLibrary with many of my Science and Humanities classes, I am finding that my students have a better understanding of what a reliable resource truly is."

"They are going to my BookCarts [details] instead of going to generic search engines on the Internet. Therefore, they are saving a considerable amount of valuable classroom and library time finding the information they need."

"With the use of eLibrary and my growing collection of BookCart learning activities, I can be confident that my students are using trustworthy sources in their investigations."

Midge Livingston, Teacher-Librarian
Harbour Pointe Middle School @ Mukilteo, WA

How are you using our solutions to educate students and empower teachers? Send us your story.

Top 3 Websites  

Each month, our SIRS team scours the Internet for top-quality websites for schools and students. Dive into this month's selections: Dogs, Cigarette Anatomy, Galaxy Games. (More)

eLibrary Canada Training Video
Self-paced series, waiting for you...

New, full eLibrary training video series...

Go in-depth into the all-new eLibrary family with our full training video: Start here. You'll find a new, easy menu which allows you to access the features you want to learn more about in a single click. (Approx. one hour.)

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My eLibrary Highlights

Learn more about My eLibrary and other Web 2.0 features...

My eLibrary is a new feature that allows users to create their own username/password inside eLibrary. Using your custom login (learn more), you and your students can save My Lists (tagged resources) inside eLibrary, create Web 2.0-enabled timelines and slideshows, and even manage annotations (Notes) which can be embedded in any eLibrary resource.

eLibrary Canada Training Video
Searching Basics

See all the features available to conduct a basic search inside eLibrary from ProQuest...

Conducting a search inside eLibrary is now even easier. Take advantage of our content icons to narrow your search by result type (newspaper article, photo, video, etc.) then enter your search terms. The auto-complete feature anticipates your keywords, saves time, and instantly shows connections to our ProQuest Essentials content.

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