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Recognition for 21st Century Information Literacy Leaders

The all-new ProQuest platform is custom-made for 21st Century research. Get the details in this new research tool for the new decade... The current education era is certainly among the most challenging times ever for school librarians and libraries.

ProQuest would like to help you and your library meet the challenges of this era by offering you an opportunity to be formally recognized for your work in implementing a 21st Century teaching and learning environment in your school. ProQuest recognition would certainly be impressive when you share it with school leaders and parents who fund and support your work and your library.

ProQuest wants to recognize librarians who are using ProQuest teaching and learning resources in proactive ways with teachers and students. That effort results in...
  • creating a 21st Century teaching and learning environment that is rich in the use of inquiry-based learning activities that integrate critical thinking;

  • an ongoing and vital relationship with your teachers and students that is effective in enriching the curriculum and supporting standards;

  • developing student writing and problem solving skills and their ability to communicate what they have learned through the use of a variety of reporting/presentation media.
Each month, ProQuest publishes a Teachable Moments and a variety of other online product-focused newsletters.

Each issue features product information updates for your ProQuest research tools, along with a unique learning activity authored by our staff that integrates essential questions for critical thinking.

The appropriate email newsletter can be used for ProQuest to publish information about your exemplary work with your students and teachers, if you submit your story. You then can use the online newsletter, featuring your personal story, and share it with your school leaders, parents, and teachers.

If you, and up to three teachers and/or students you select, would like to be recognized in future newsletters for your work with ProQuest teaching and learning resources, please contact our ProQuest Education Consultant via email to carl.janetka@proquest.com.

He will reply, providing you with specific instructions about the information (and photos) you need to submit for ProQuest recognition.

Our newest submission comes from Miss Rodriguez at Peninsula Catholic High School in Newport News, VA:

"CultureGrams provides an in-depth report of countries and covers major and minor points with great attention to detail. The teachers love the Teaching Activities and National Curriculum Standards PDF files for guidance when using CultureGrams across the curriculum." [A basic country lesson PDF sheet is also available here for classroom use.]

"The fact that the webpages can be viewed and saved as full PDF reports, email-ready reports, and accessible as standard html reports makes transference of information quick and easy. The citation generator in MLA, APA, and Turabian formats are ideal for student research."

"In comparison to similar resources (like CIA World Factbook), CultureGrams is superior in layout and organization of information for students. From each country, state, or province of your choice, you can navigate only one page deeper for each choice you make rather than several pages for each choice. The pages are set up for students to easily navigate back and forth without information overload... it's just right. The students love to browse through it regardless of whether or not they have an assignment. CultureGrams is an authoritative resource for cultural reference and curriculum products and is a beacon for all educators and students."

Read our second 2011 submission from Deborah Sherry in Pennsylvania, here, along with all of our previous testimonials to help you get started.

Thanks for your leadership, and continued use of ProQuest's classroom- and library-ready research solutions!

No matter which ProQuest research tools you choose - eLibrary or SIRS - your subscription provides students with targeted, on-task information of the highest quality, ensuring that library resources are aligned directly to state and national learning benchmarks, provides your school a vast pool of relevant content to augment existing curriculum.


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